Release Day Reviews for The Banished Craft

To celebrate the release today of The Banished Craft, we thought we would share some of the reviews so far:

“A wonderfully delightful and deeply imaginative tale of struggle and the quest for knowledge, set in a well-developed and complex high fantasy setting.” -G.S. Jennsen, author of Science-Fiction saga Aurora Rhapsody

“I love Bell’s sensitive and insightful exploration of compassion, connection, and relationships. The Banished Craft provides layers of thought-provoking ideas as well as good old-fashioned escapism.” -Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, bestselling author of The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

“epic fantasy that is definitely epic”Candace’s Book Blog

“If you enjoy epic journeys, this is a book for you”Girl of 1000 Wonders

“fun, different and exciting. Definitely a book worth reading.”Maureen’s Books

“a layered masterpiece of epic fantasy”Cover2CoverBlog

“a truly epic fantasy with a sprawling world and a twisting plot. It was lovely”Bibliobibuli

“my first 5 star in over 2 years”@TerryGeneAuthor, Matryoschka Heritage

The Banished Craft Hardcover Dust Jacket

As we’re waiting on the printing of The Banished Craft, we thought we’d share the final dust jacket with you. We are really excited to have endorsements on the back cover from authors G. S. Jennsen and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

G.S. Jennsen is the science fiction author of the Aurora Rhapsody saga. Space is vast and untamed, and it holds many secrets . . . When faced with its greatest challenge, will humanity rise to triumph or fall to ruin?

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is the award-winning author of seven books including The 30-Day Vegan Challenge. A recognized expert on all aspects of living vegan, Colleen has appeared on national and regional TV programs, including the Food Network, CBS, PBS, and Fox, and is a regular contributor to National Public Radio.




K.J. Quint

kj_quintK.J. Quint believes everyone has a story to tell. Quint was born and raised in Woodbridge, Virginia, and has always had a passion for writing tales of adventure, and particularly: humor. Humor is his weapon to conquer life’s challenges. He loves a funny story, the sort you can get lost in. He views laughter as essential to life. Not just because something is funny, but just to express joy about life. We all go through trials and challenges, but laughter lets you enjoy life that much more. It gives you that wonderful, big feeling, you can only get through loving life, no matter what comes your way.

K.J. loves the aesthetic qualities of writing – the big picture created by big ideas and a boundless imagination, like peering out at the broad horizon of our beautiful world. He’s especially inspired by his late grandfather, who despite his own high standards, thought K.J. had a real skill, and bragged about him in private to his friends. K.J. loves to learn, loves music and dance and movies, loves to study history, and loves to find answers where other people see questions. He strives to see the world from different perspectives, even if to better understand his own.

In addition to a passion for making others smile, K.J. also has an eighty pound lapdog. Because, just like writing fantasy, there are no limits on your dreams. Or the potential for your adventures.

Sarah Fleming Mountford

sfm_profileI’m Sarah Fleming Mountford. I’ve been writing short stories and poems for nearly all of my life, with the dream to someday write novels.  Someday has come.

Being a mom means that I write whenever, and wherever I can.  I finished my rewrites for When They Come Calling by getting up to write at 4 am every day for two months, and when I take my son to soccer practice, my laptop goes with me. I am driven by my passion to write.

Walking my two rescue dogs every day is what keeps me sane. I also love to cook, garden, bicycle, and hike. My favorite places to hike are Sedona, Arizona, Colorado Springs, and the Swiss Alps. Being a girl from Kansas, I also love any trip that takes me to an ocean.

I lost my father to cancer in 2011. Dad’s illness taught me not to wait: if there is something you need to do or want to do, make it happen because you may not have time tomorrow. Dad taught me my love for cooking. I grew up watching him and it’s a passion I’m trying to pass on to my son.

Authors like Sharon Shinn (the Archangel series), Barbara Hambly (The Darwarth Trilogy) and Robin McKinley (Sunshine) have always inspired me.  I go back to their books time and time again.  I relish stories that are fantastical yet touch real emotions, and I never mind a good love story on the side.

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We Did It!

The Banished Craft: A Fantasy Tale of Dragons and Wizards -- Kicktraq MiniThank you to everyone who backed our Kickstarter project!

A successful Kickstarter campaign ensures that The Banished Craft will be completed next Spring.

If you did not make it in time to back us via Kickstarter, you can now pre-order The Banished Craft here. We are offering some of the same packages as were available as Kickstarter rewards.