Partnership Publishing

We at Atthis Arts have a different take on Partnership Publishing

To many publishers, “partnership publishing” means the author pays for the publication costs of the book, and the publisher produces the finished book and handles sales and distribution. In exchange, the publisher pays a higher royalty to the author than with traditional publishing.

Atthis Arts believes that the commitment to a book’s success is shared between the author and publisher. We strive to keep as much of the creative control in our authors’ hands to produce the story that the author wants to tell. Our model uses crowdfunding to market and pre-sell titles in order to raise the funds necessary to produce a quality book.

Explain crowdfunding again?

Ok, so why do we do Kickstarters? As an indie publisher, we don’t always have the resources to invest up front to edit and publish a beautiful novel. By running a crowdfunding campaign, we give our readers a chance to  pre-order books as well as select higher-level unique rewards only available via the crowdfunding (such as naming a character) and to show support for independent writing.

Money raised from the campaign  sets our production budget to publish the book. This includes a royalty to our authors, because we believe authors should be paid for their work. This also sets our Partnership Publishing model apart.

Readers play a role in a book’s production.

When readers support an author’s book during crowdfunding, they get to be a creative part of the book’s publication. They follow the author through the process, reading updates along the way. Our Kickstarter backers are often offered the experience of being beta readers, proofreaders, early reviewers, and sometimes can even help shape the creative development of a story. Our supporting readers get more than just a great book to read; they get to experience the creative process.

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