Atthis Arts, LLC is an independent publisher that is looking to provide authors a means to indie publish without having to self-manage aspects like crowd-funding, editing, typesetting, printing, sales, etc. We support open dialogue on challenging issues and are interested in writers of diverse viewpoints.

Unlike traditional publishers, Atthis Arts strives to keep as much of the creative control in our author’s hands to produce the story that the author wants to tell, not necessarily what the publisher believes will best sell. Our model uses crowdfunding to market and pre-sell titles in order to raise the capital needed to produce quality books. This reduces risk, enabling us to pay our authors royalties greater than with a traditional publisher.

Atthis Arts is currently accepting submissions for all genres except Romance, Erotica, and Horror. We welcome non-fiction as well as fiction.

If you would like Atthis Arts to consider publishing your work, please send an email to submissions [at] atthisarts [dot] com. Please include the following in your email query:

  • Short synopsis of your submission
  • 300-500 word sample
  • Links to your social media, blog, online presence.

We will respond within 7 days to let you know if we would like to further consider publishing your title.