Sarah Fleming Mountford

sfm_profileSarah Fleming Mountford lives in the Midwest with her family, two rescue dogs and three inherited cats. When she isn’t traveling, Sarah is a runner, the family chef and a reluctant soccer mom.

Sarah has a bachelor’s degree from Whitman College.

I'm Sarah Fleming Mountford. I've been writing short stories and poems for nearly all of my life, with the dream to someday write novels.  Someday has come.

Being a mom means that I write whenever, and wherever I can.  I finished my rewrites for When They Come Calling by getting up to write at 4 am every day for two months, and when I take my son to soccer practice, my laptop goes with me. I am driven by my passion to write.

Walking my two rescue dogs every day is what keeps me sane. I also love to cook, garden, bicycle, and hike. My favorite places to hike are Sedona, Arizona, Colorado Springs, and the Swiss Alps. Being a girl from Kansas, I also love any trip that takes me to an ocean.

I lost my father to cancer in 2011. Dad's illness taught me not to wait: if there is something you need to do or want to do, make it happen because you may not have time tomorrow. Dad taught me my love for cooking. I grew up watching him and it's a passion I'm trying to pass on to my son.

Authors like Sharon Shinn (the Archangel series), Barbara Hambly (The Darwarth Trilogy) and Robin McKinley (Sunshine) have always inspired me.  I go back to their books time and time again.  I relish stories that are fantastical yet touch real emotions, and I never mind a good love story on the side.

Books by Sarah Fleming Mountford

When They Come True by Sarah Fleming Mountford


A strange illness ravages the countryside while Dr. Anna Roberts struggles to recover from her own near-death experience.

She’s falling in love with Jedediah, a three-thousand-year-old ghost, but his guarded alliance with a Council of ancient spirits frightens her. Can Jed’s allegiance be trusted?

Haunted by her dreams and driven by her calling, Anna is torn between the worlds of the living and the dead. Is she a healer or an executioner? Will Anna be able to protect those she loves from her nightmares when they come true?

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When They Come Calling by Sarah Fleming Mountford

front_lowresPhysician Anna Roberts runs a free health clinic in Kansas City where she spends her days taking care of the living and avoiding the spirits of the dead. A late night accident leaves Anna at the mercy of the strange man that saved her life, but Anna soon learns that meeting Jed was no coincidence.

As Anna is drawn into Jed's dangerous world and a feud three thousand years in the making, she must come to terms with her own secrets and decide what she will do, when they come calling.

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