Spireseeker by E.D.E. Bell

FrontCover As family and friends are taken from their midst and turned to a life of mindless devotion to their new Master, the creatures of Fayen begin to lose hope. But none of this suffering has reached the peaceful island where Beryl lives with her grandparents. Then one day her family is attacked, and Beryl is forced to flee the only home she’s ever known. As she travels, Beryl discovers who, and what, she really is.

Torn between self-doubt and the blind courage that comes from necessity, she marches bravely to confront evil, meeting friends and enemies along the way.

For millennia, the creatures of Fayen were watched over by our race of elves. We are placed by the Creator and given the individual blessings of those creatures whom we protect.

Our world was shattered when one protector turned to self-absorbed cruelty, using her blessing to enslave the creatures of Fayen into a mindless devotion. After this betrayal, new elves ceased to be placed, and Fayen’s dark fate seemed sealed.

Then, on a clear evening during harvest, I was contacted by three of my kind. That would be unusual enough these days were they not also fleeing for their lives.

Two were well known to me: one of our council’s most notable Elders, along with the reluctant master of the spy network— a good elf, with whom I’ve enjoyed an occasional mug of mead.

The third was of particular interest. She was a young elf with innocent emerald eyes and long shimmering hair—an elf who should not have existed, for there were no new elves to be met. Or so I had thought.

I took them in to share a meal, and the Elder hinted to me who the child was, knowing the shock I would feel. Could it be true?

I do not regret helping this trio, though their visit cost me my life. For if she is who we all want her to be—the one foretold by the Spire—then my life was a small price to pay.

Liberty must be restored at all costs.

– Gorta Kelpfinder

MIPA Finalist  A 2014 Midwest Book Awards finalist.

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