The Taking of Stonecrop by E.D.E. Bell

Stonecrop_Front_CoverThree hundred years prior to the events of the epic novel Spireseeker, Princess Byrn has been exiled from the castle at Riverbend Fortress, leaving her tyrant brother to rule all of Fayen. Faced with certain death if she reveals her own survival, she must choose between her own life and the well-being of the people that she loves, when her brother brings her home to the brink of a bloody war. Byrn soon finds that she is not alone. With help from her father's spy network and a race of elves claiming special powers, she sets her sights on the one place where she can end the violence: her father's throne. Follow Byrn's journey as she struggles to defeat her brother and reclaim peace and prosperity for all of Fayen.

Signed Paperback

Companion paperback to Spireseeker, signed by the author.


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